Exonerate (another WM3 poem)

West Memphis Three

The exoneration
Of those backed by a nation
Who now sees the truth
The WM3
Convicted based on lies
And judgmental minds
All of which took
18 years of their lives
And after all their pain and strife
We owe it to them
To put things right
The prosecution
Spread their lies
And ripped those boys right
Apart and for what money
It kills me how much
Of this has been based on greed
No one seemed to care
If they got it right
They just wanted someone to blame
Because of the hate
They felt inside
But all I know is
Not a damn thing good
Will ever come of this
Us judging based on emotion
Instead of fact
Like we know we should
We are better than that
And we know better than
That way to act
We need to look at this
With open eyes
And exonerate them
Because we know it's right

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Beavis's picture

I hope to see that day too,

I hope to see that day too, but small minds and dark hearts are hard to change. However, miracles have happened in their cases already, so let's keep hope alive ;-)