Tell Me Why Society?

Can you tell me baby
Why does society
Have to treat
Each other this way
Even those who try
To fit in and in the end
Be the same
Are made to pay
Is it the fear that
One day we'll lose
The power we
Shouldn't have anyway
Is that what really pushes us
To push good people into shame
But can you tell me seriously
What right do we have anyway
To tell someone
They have to be
A certain way
Only to shun them anyway

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Ask media

ask media they forged society.
People are afraid to express themselves. from fears of rejection. so they conform with what they believe they are. They become followers because they are afraid to keep their own pace. its much easier for most people to just go with the flow. Less thinking involved. Many believe its saving them time. But many do not know the beauty of expression. I believe most people are actually intimidated by it. Witch has made society sort of evolve into this disgusting atrocity that it is today. with all this pop culture bologna. We as humans are very impressionable and if someone with iconic status tells us its the "Big thing: we won't question it and instantly believe it.

You are blessed with expression, Witch means you have the ability to inspire and move others. This post and just having an account on a site fully based around self expression. We are the one 1% we are the dreamers. We are the leaders and we are a guild of idealistic thinkers. Be blessed to be on the other side of the coin. The most we can do is to try and persuade and inspire as many people as we can to think for themselves and do what they believe is necessary.

Thank you for the read. I myself is inspired by your post.