Worth Living

Rules are made to be broken
In a world full of
Words unspoken
Walls are made
To be torn down
In your search
For a peace
Waiting to be found
With so much chaos
All around
You reach out for anyone
Just trying to gain some ground
The world treats life like it's a game
And we are all just fools in a play
Well I am going to use
Whatever stage I am given
To give a voice to
The forgotten
Lost in a world
Full of sin
No this life
I may not win
But as long as
I inspire even one person
My life will have been
One worth living

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and another masterpiece is

and another masterpiece is born! powerful and truly inspiring! Youre life is worth living, as is everyones no matter how wasteful they may be with it.

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne

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love yer work. keep it up.