From What I Have Seen

From what I have seen and can tell
The world has always believed in
what it believes
and has disregarded the rest
But here is the real test
Being open minded to the rest
Those of us
Who don't live just
To fit a status
But live to make a stand
And will always lend a hand
We are not here to be seen
But live and breathe
To spread the peace
That inside us we see

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Good rhythmic pace, but the

Good rhythmic pace, but the intention of rhyming is maybe a bit too obvious at least thats my opinion. Unless you were going for the Youtube poet trend in which case, good job. (Do you know what I'm talking about? Its sort of spoken word, with a religious or perhaps philosophical message... lots of rhyming and regular rhythm.)


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Honestly this one started off

Honestly this one started off as a facebook status and while I was writing it, it turned into a poem.