West Memphis Three

The West Memphis 3
Thank God they are free
It took 18 years
Though they are as innocent as can be
The truth I see I hope you do too
In all that you do
Please always see
And believe
they are innocent
My beautiful
West Memphis 3

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Yes indeed! A terrible miscarriage of justice and abuse of power.

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I agree. They are truly

I agree. They are truly innocent and the sad part is the state of Arkansas will not reopen the case to find out who really did it.

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I finished reading Devil's

I finished reading Devil's Knot a few days ago. That whole episode was shameful. Some of those involved should be in prison.

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Agreed. Not one of the West

Agreed. Not one of the West Memphis 3 are guilty but there are some people who made damn sure the court thought they were. Shameful and wrong does not even begin to cover it!!