Black Or White

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Black or white
Wrong or right
Everyday we
Live to fight
My oh my
Aren't we
A sight
Everyday fighting for
What we think is right
But  is it right
Does it really matter
If we are
Black or white
Is this fighting
Really a must
Does it make us
Any better than
Those who came
Before us
How can we fight
When we don't
Even know
What's right
How can we
Be free
If you restrict
Others and me
How can there be peace
If there is no unity
How can there be unity
if there is so much hate
How can there be love
If we do not
Learn to tolerate
Sealed is our fate
If we continue
To live this hate
Our fate
Is bleak you see
Because if there is hate
There can't be peace
There can't be peace, freedom, or unity
So what does it matter
Black or white
We need to unite
And as one fight
To make this wrong right

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I really enjoyed this, good

I really enjoyed this, good job

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Thank you!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!