My Vision: Me On A Russian Balcony

I am standing
On a balcony
As I look down
At the street
Below me
The Russian snow
Falls around me
I admire the spiral
Balcony railing
As the snow
Just keeps falling
Across the street
I see the trees
Beautifully lining the street
I turn to look at the
Person next to me
But his face
I cannot see
It's almost like
I am trying
To look at me
Who ever he is
I sense that he
Is very powerful
And to him
I am very loyal
I reach out and
Grab a fistful of snow
All I know is at
This moment
There is nowhere
I would rather go

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Enchantress111's picture

I can see this scene in my mindseye

Descriptive, able to see this balcony and feel the cold, and feel what you're feeling. am new to this site just strolling around reading people's work


LittleLennonGurl's picture

Thank you

I tried a new way a writing. If I can't go there then why not close my eyes and will myself there. i have always wanted to go to Russia so I closed my eyes and tried to see it in my mind and then wrote about what I saw.