The Death Of A hero

Those shots rang out
All those years ago
If only that man had known
That decades later
The world would
Still be looking
For another hero
How can one man
Be so cold
As to take
Our only true hero
Didn't he even care
The world was
Already unfair
Why did he
Have to go
And make it worse
The world has gotten
So bad it hurts
John Lennon
Touched more lives
Than he will ever know
Through him
The world found hope
Hope for a
Better tomorrow
A reason to live for
Oh why did he
Have to go
Our only true hero
The world was
Robbed that day
The day he was
Taken away
Now the world
Just seems insane
For all it really
Knows it hate
He dared us
All to dream
For he knew
Peace can be
He taught us
To love
And to overcome
But damn that gun
That took away
Our peaceful one
Such a brilliant
Mind now lost
We still can't
Believe he's gone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Long Live John Lennon

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