Dear Society

Song Lyrics
Verse 1
Dear society
I wish we gave a damn
I wish we could
Finally understand
That a man is a man
No matter
The color
Of his skin
Even our sexual preference
Or choice of religion
Don't make us
Any less human
Dear society
Oh how I wish
You could see
And understand that
Tell me do you
Even know
Why you can't

Living the lies
And madness
On which you were raised
Never once questioning
And for yourself thinking
Wake up children
And see the damage
That insanity is bringing
Verse 2
Constantly bitching
While always forgetting
That the only race
That matters
Is the one we all belong to
Members of the human race
We are and always shall be
Even while daily
It seems we keep losing
Our own humanity
Hatred and stupidity
It seems is all
We are ever teaching
While wondering why
Nothing ever seems
To be working
Or for the better changing
And so we better be waking
Before everything
We end up losing

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