You Are Worth It

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

You are worth it

Fuck those

Who have the nerve

To say you aren't


What do they know

They don't know

Your heart

And until they do

Their opinion

Means nothing

So keep on

Being amazing

And following

Your heart

For it truly knows

The incredible

Person you are

And if you treat it right

Will never steer you wrong


The world

Is cruel

Always trying

To beat others down

But you aren't them

So be the one

That stands up

To all of them

The one who

Shows them

What life is really about


Verse 2
Be you
The true you
And show those haters
The incredible person

They are missing
Because they

Refused to see you
Rise above their hatred

And make them
Regret it

By simply
Being awesome
Then walk away
And leave them

In the past
Where they belong
Because they

Had their chance

And your future
Has just begun
So live it up

And make it a great one


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Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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