The Time To Act Is Now

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Everyone is weird

Normal does not

And never did exist

While conformity

Is daily


Our very society

As all we do

Is sit around bitching

Thinking we are

Too good to do anything

That's not my job we say

But remember that

When come the day

Reality hits you

And it will already

Be too damn late


The time to act

And fix things

Is now

But we think we

Are above it all somehow

I wonder what

We will all think

When the end

Actually does

Go down

Verse 2

Right is right

Wrong is wrong

Yet somehow society

Lives like it

Has that concept



For going our truths
For the lies
Of those
Telling us
Who we are
As from reality
We have strayed
Oh so far
We know not
What it is anymore
The time to fix this is now
Because once it's too late
Sealed will be our grim fate



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LawrenceMathebula's picture

the Lyrics

I like the song. The writing style is similar to mine.

LittleLennonGurl's picture


Thank you. It sounds like I should give your writing a read. Always cool to find a like minded person.