Welcome To Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Who are we to say
What is normal or not
One man's normal
Is another mans weird
That's just how it is
So is destroying 
Each other over it
Really why we are here
Or is there something more
That we are missing 
Because the truth 
We refuse to be seeing

Man hating man
All for them

Being themselves
Welcome to 
The hell 
We have created
Yes welcome to hell

Verse 2
Every day we seem to fall
Further and further
Into the rabbit hole
Of no return
We know it's wrong
But do it anyway

As what little sanity

We have left 
Seems to just
Fade away
Without us
Even noticing
Welcome to society


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georgeschaefer's picture

I've never been normal.  I

I've never been normal.  I always felt that would make me way too average.  I like the poem a lot.