Trump: Wake Up!!

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A country 
Created by immigrants
Controlled by an asshole
Who hates them
And yet is married to one
Is any of this madness
Making sense

To anyone
Elected by way
Of the Hitler playbook
His hate filled rhetoric
Had a vunerable country
Oh so shook
Claims to love his country
But lets be honest
All he really loves
Is himself and money
And the power
To which he believes
Himself to be entitled
And yet we wonder
Why the world
Looks at us
And sees nothing but spoiled


Wake up folks
Cut the strings
Stop being sheep
Open your eyes and see
Your great Trump hope
Is a great big nope
And a danger to all of us


Verse 2
Now as he is meeting
With President Putin
The president of Russia
He thinks he has it
Under control
But false sense of
Security much
You better watch it Trump
One false move
And he'll get ya
He is former
KGB after all
You think you are the one

In control
Blink and think again
As he is already
inside your head
Stop letting him
And stop believing
Your own bullshit
The time has come

To actually man up
And be smart for once
Before you get fooled
On our behalf

Once again




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