Madness Masked

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I wake up
In hell again
The day 
Hasn't even
Really begun
And I'm already
In a rut
Feeling fucked up
I get myself up
As I drag myself 
Out of bed
Wishing I was dead
And wishing I didn't
Think that
I reach for
And put on
My daily mask 
And face this shit
All alone again
Suffering in silence
I can barely stand it
Have to perk up
And be strong for 
Who doesn't get it
Only to wake in aqony
Once again
Verse 2
Heads a mess
Can't concentrate
Better figure it out 
And cover it up
Before it becomes 
Yet another issue
I have to try
And explain to 
The likes of you

Who don't care
About anyone 
Or anything 
But you
And what you do
Man I wish 
I had someone 
To talk to
Anyone who cared
Enough to be there
Someone, anyone
To tell me I matter

And that they are
Happy I am here

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