Hatred, Madness, Greed, and Insanity

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Society lives in 
So much greed
That it has become
All that we see
Hatred and madness
Leading to nothing
But constant misery
Attacking their own people 
While being protected by
Our enemy 
Who according to our president
Is someone who 
Can be worked with
Come on people
When will enough
Be enough 
Of this shit

Greed and insanity
Taking over society
Humanity lost within
Drowning in sin
When will our
Healing begin

Verse 2
What is sacred
While insanity
And greed
Are tearing 
Us apart daily
While everything
We are doing
Is still allowing 
This madness
To continue
As we do nothing

But excuse

The bullshit 

We do 
While pointing fingers
When will we get it
When will we care
This craziness
Is getting us nowhere






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georgeschaefer's picture

hatred and greed are bad but

hatred and greed are bad but I sometimes like insanity.

LittleLennonGurl's picture


Insanity done right can be fun. But chaotic insanity destroying society just sucks.