Your Own Hero

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Be your own hero
The star of your own story 
Rise above the hate 
And conformity 
Running society 
And set yourself free
Be exactly who 
You are meant to be
Don't ever settle
For being
Anything less
You got this


No more puppets
We need individuals
Not more sheep
So cut the strings
Start writing

And living your own story
Be the star 
You were always
Meant to be

Verse 2
Search within
For the answers you seek
Open your eyes
Learn to see
The truth of reality
Not just what
You are told to see
Open your mind
For yourself
Please learn 
To finally think
And teach everyone
Who will listen
The secret to living free


So controlling
Full of people 
Always trolling
While always
Lying about 
Reasons we
Should all be living in fear
They may have the right 
To speak such insanity
But remember

You have the right

To just not hear


Verse 3
So yes my friend
When it comes
To your own story
Taking place
In such a 
Fucked up reality
Thanks to a blind society
Remember your life choices
Are yours and yours alone

To make

And that fact lightly 
Please do not take
No one knows you 
Better than you
So step right up
And be your own true hero


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georgeschaefer's picture

good write.  We should all

good write.  We should all strive to be our own hero.