Be The One

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Be the one 
They never see coming
The one who goes 
Against the crowd
And doesn't give a shit

About fitting in
The one the
Manipulative and hateful
Just can't touch
The one not afraid 
To take a stand
And speak up
Be the one those in power
Have nightmares about

 Go one now

Take your stand

And shout out loud

Yes be the one

Who never backs down


You are all 
The power you need
You take those
In power down
A peg or two
So keep going
And never stop
Whatever you do

Verse 2
Be the one 
Who decides to lead
Instead of following 
Blindly like the rest
Of society's sheep
Quietly walking 
Through life
Believing everything
Being fed to them
On a screen
Break the mold
Stop just doing 
What you are told
Break out 
And think for yourself
Live as you 
And nobody else
One in a million
As you were meant to be
Go on now fellow dreamer
Show society how to live free





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georgeschaefer's picture

I always try to be the one

I always try to be the one but someone else always seems to get there first.