The Fed Up Voice Of A Nation

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The voice of a nation
Has become sick and tired

And being pushed aside
And not heard
By the madmen

That got us here
Convinced us
They cared
With their 
Fucking lies 
And crooked smiles
We are done 
With this bullshit
And are no longer 
Falling for it
Not by a mile

Time to do 
Something worth while

Marching in droves
You will ignore us no more
Sick of the tragedies 
You ignore
With your insanity
Someway, somehow
You will hear us now

Gonvernmental madness
Leading to sadness
And never ending chaos 

We are fucking sick of it
There is no need
Or place for it
Sick of being 
Pushed aside
Like we are nothing
While it's our world 
You are destroying
And our futures 
You are fucking
The people are angry
Right through you
They are finally seeing
Now marching 
They will not stop
Until your fall
They finally see


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America in 2018?

America in 2018?