Dreamers, Believers (Beware Of The World)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Dreamers, believers
Beware of the world
That will defer your dreams
And take control 
Of your soul
The world is a cruel place
With no mercy to show 
Yet my dear dreamer
Yes onward you must
Still always go

You are the dreamers
The true believers
In a tomorrow 
Better than today
The freedom fighters willing

To risk it all 
To make it that way
Let no one get in your way
Your time is now
Yes it is finally your day

Rise above 
And begin each day 
Like it's brand new

Show the haters
Exactly what 
It is you can do
It's your life
So do it up right
Let no one 
Snuff out your light
And be the dreamer 
You always dreamed
Of being


Verse 2
The world so full

Of demons 
Claiming to care
Treating others like shit
And claiming its fair
Yes this madness
May surround everywhere 
But my friends remember
The world's true future 
Is not them
But it is 
All of you 


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