The Peaceful Cardinal

A cardinal sits
On a snowy branch
As peaceful and zen
And he can be
Snow flakes fall
Around him
Surrounding him
With wintery beauty 
Only out done 
By the beauty 
That is him
The cardinal sits quiet
Taking it all in
Enjoying the world
Unfolding around him
Only making a sound
In celebration

Of the life
He has been 
Blessed with
He sits on that branch
Smiling to himself
Grateful to be a cardinal
A beautiful bird
That makes so many happy
While he lives in peace
And harmony
With nature 
And the world around him
He is a peaceful
And beautiful bird

To behold

For sure
So let's give it up
To the beautiful cardinal
A vibrant beacon of peace
Maybe we can learn from him
Don't you think?

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This is for my Grandmother

Also this is for my late grandmother who loved cardinals.

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Inspired by

I recently tried painting for the first time ever. And what I painted was a cardinal. This is the painting I did to inspire this poem.