My Beloved Patriots

My beloved Patriots
The pride and joy of this 
Forever New Englanders heart
We've been through a lot
Just to get this far
Fought the refs 
All season long
Every game
Seemed like 
The same old
Bullshit song
But did it slow us down
No, not one bit
It made us hungry
Fight harder
Play better 
Yes we have certainly 
Earned our right to be here
Got one more game 
To go now
Just one more
The one we have
Been playing so hard
And fighting for
A game we are well familiar with
Been here many times before
But none of that matters now
Because the past is the past
Dwell on it
And we will stumble fast 
And we all know
That you are better than that
So go out there 
And do what you always do
Do what makes you, well you
Do your job
Just do your job 
And get this shit done
And won
I believe in you Pat's
So does Patriot nation
So go get 'em
You got this

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Go Eagles!

P.S. Go Eagles

LittleLennonGurl's picture


Dammit Adam!!!!! Anyone else and I would delete that comment!!

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LOL I think the Patriots will win by the way. 

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Oh ok

Oh ok that's ok then lol