Demon Leaders

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Filled with hate
In all the worst ways
Day after day
Consumed by greed
Driven by the pursuit of power
They shouldn't have
And only think they need
The demons we let lead
Continue to dismantle
A world and society
That should be
But never
Truly is free
Forever lost in insanity
This madness
Is killing me
Is this reality
Or just a bad dream
That refuses to release me
Lost in a
Never ending nightmare
Brought on by a world
That has never been fair
Forever searching
But sanity is never found
Fucking anywhere
Welcome to the rabbit hole
Straight from hell
That we brought on ourselves
Verse 2
The leaders
Of the world
Right before our eyes
Courtesy of those
With eyes
Only on one prize
Money and more power
Whatever is best for them
Fuck all the rest of us
They are all they
Truly care about
And consumerism
The names of
The only games
They are willing to play
As they insist on
Screwing us all over
In their God's name

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The devil controls in many

The devil controls in many different ways. Especially through the abrahamic religions, which he is reponsible for. The best way to be free of this parasitic control is to think for yourself and to follow your own code and way.