Never Ending Depression

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Trying to find 
A way out 
Of the hell I'm in
Reaching out
For anyone
Will anyone answer
Does anyone care
Why am I even here
What is my purpose
Beyond this misery
Do I even have one
Or is this all 
There is for me

Pushed farther
And farther 
By people
Who will never 
Give a damn
Is this all I am
A bloody punching bag

Verse 2
Never ending depression
Picking at my flaws
Always in season
Just trying to 
Find a reason

Something I can
Believe in
Nightly breakdowns
Relief never found
Kicked aside
And beaten down

Told my feelings
Are un important
That I'm just being dramatic
And seeking attention
Don't know how much
More of this I can take

I think I'm gonna break


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Given the controversy with Logan Paul (seriously fuck him). I felt like I should write something that shares how I have always felt at my lowest. 

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