The True Enemy Within

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Started off as
Any other Halloween
Innocent as it should be

If only we knew
What horror was waiting
One street over over

A man (if you can call him that)
With a truck
Sadly enough
In the U.S. 
Should have 
Seen him coming

But didn't
And that my friends
Is on us

It's not the immigrants
Who are the real threat
But those
Who are here

And allowed to be
Without being 
We know there are web sites

That do exists

Verse 2
If not thousands
And more
Become the evil
That they are
Because of bullshit
They are allowed to see

In this very country
Yet that shit 
We never seem
To talk about
But fuck

Maybe we should


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The true enemy is sin and

The true enemy is sin and those who see it as edification. The evil will come in the good name a wolf in lambs clothing with promises of life for destruction but these are haddiths from false prophets who manipulate and subjugate people who have nothing with the only hope they have. Read about the 12th Imam. Mohammed was not what they say he was his first wife was 18 according to history but 9 in scripture. They have used Mohammed in the un redeemed state to justify thier actions not in his repentant state. Like paul who was once an evil conqueror named Saul before following and finding God. This demon comes through all religions  and brings cloaked evil  its job is to destroy religion and claim you to this earth but the greater power sends you to oblivion.klu klux Klan and isis and many many more. From individuals who seek positions of trust to destroy good. The unsuspecting occult fans all opening pirtals to this. And still no one cares. Because they too have become radicalised. Blind. This was already hapoening in smaller scale from all walks of life and religion. The truth is out there NWO UN bible code one source many ways to worship but what is good looks tastes smells feels and brings nothing but good to all others what is bad will be all these things too bur will come at a cost of others. Radicalised. Its everyones future this is how we get people to sipport war and death for pretend glory while the rich and powerful play with our lives. 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am

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Be careful

The web can be a beautiful place, it can also be a cesspool of hate and violence. Some people, lonely and feeling used and abused, fall prey to the siren songs of evil that are easily found, and seek revenge by striking out. Radicalized. Often by monsters cloaked in the dark swirling robes of extremism, using "religion" to further their agenda of hate.