Wasted Time, Wasted Life

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Wasting time
Wasting life
Focussing on bullshit
And inner strife
Trying to live
The life we are

Told to live 
Instead of 
The one we want
Always falling short
Claiming to
But never really 
Giving a fuck
Only caring about
What others think of us
When will we 
Wake the fuck up

Society obsessed with 
Yet living for conformity
A contradiction 
Living in insanity
And agony
Always trying
To make others happy
As we all live in madness
Tell me, exactly
What are we trying
To accomplish

Verse 2
Fashion forward
No idea what we are
Fighting or aiming for
A society 
Wandering aimlessly
Following the leader
Leading while doing
The same thing
Always reacting
But never thinking
Always preaching 
Never learning
Lost in the shuffle of life
And living in denial
Everyone failing
No one taking responsibility
It's all just driving me crazy


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bishu's picture

A memorable quote from your post

Always preaching 
Never learning ::: May I put this on facebook please ??



LittleLennonGurl's picture

Yes as long as you give me

Yes as long as you give me credit for it