Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Welcome to hell
On a continuous loop
Hatred and bullshit
Sold through 
Empty promises and lies
Complete with shiny lights
And pretty bells and whistles
Meant to distract you
While those in power
Steal the country
You love so much
And all that makes you free
Right out from under you
All while swearing
It's for the greater good

Liars and crooks
Selling us bullshit
In the name of 
The greater good
Never caring that
Nothing is as it should be
They laugh and count
Their money 
As we all drown 
In their insanity

Verse 2
Hanging on every word
Swearing we know better
We end up falling for it
All over and over again
Still waiting for better
To finally begin
But what happens when
The truth is revealved
And its too late
Then what 
We can't go back
Do it over because 
We finally do know better
We need to know better now
Wake up people 
Before we all go down


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