A Battle No One Wins

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Black or white
Wrong or right
Everyday we 
Live to fight
For what we think is right
But is it right
That all we do is fight
Or will we in the end
All pay the price
For being such
A sorry, violent,
Hateful sight

Racism, hatred, and greed
Still today dictating society
What difference does it make
Gay or straight
Black or white

When we have all
Become victims 
Of a battle 
No one is winning

Verse 2
Violence and hatred 
Taking over our
Tv sets 
Senseless and pointless
Bullshit that makes us
No better than those
Who came before us
Same hate 
Different name
Same old game 
I wish not to play
Why do we 
Live this way


Verse 3
Broken dreams 
Lives ripped
Apart at the seems
False prophets preaching unity
While dividing society
Through hatred and greed
We search for love
And find only chaos
In a world so cold
It has gotten old
When will we learn
And a better day
Be finally earned


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babygirl22's picture

 so very true speaks from the

 so very true speaks from the heart and it is a battle everyday with love or hate and fear or losing a battle to war and drugs... so many people don't see it till you make it into a song or write it down... some people don't care anymore...  I thank you write great poems..

jessica lynn