Get A Clue Arkansas

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A state that

Is so blood thirsty
They would rather
Disreguard the facts
Fabricate the truth
Just to make criminals
Out of people
They don't approve of
People like you and me
Anyone different

Or God forbid, unique
Anyone they just
Don't understand

Tell me now
Where is the
Justice in that

Another execution
This one they wish
Society didn't hear about

How is that ok
And coughing
Wake up society!!

Happens more
Than you think

Verse 2
This is your system
Gotten it wrong
Yeah you know it
Botched executions
Yep you know
That happens too
Not to mention
Innocent people
Dead because the state
Won't admit they

Messed the fuck up
It doesn't
Negate the truth
Though does it
Get a clue Arkansas
Just because lies 
Say guilty does not mean
It is the truth



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Abhilaaj's picture

Appreciation on a great poem

loved this, you have melody.