Ledell Lee, Executed While Innocent

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

On death row

Somewhere in Arkansas

He sat insisting
He was innocent

But a DNA test to prove it

They straight up

Wouldn't allow it

He had an execution date

And they were going

To make damn sure

It was one date 

For which he

Wasn't late

Innocent man
Screwed by a state
That never gave a damn
DNA test could have saved him
But they wouldn't let it
Congrats assholes
You just executed
An innocent man

Verse 2
A DNA test
A test to save him

That's all he wanted
Pleaded with the court
But they said no
As once again 
The system fails him
And lets him down
Mentally challenged 
And all alone
Out of options
With only one
More place to go
Damn it Arkansas
How could you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP Ledell, You didn't deserve any of this.

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