Murder For Hire

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
An eye for an eye
Has made the world blind
With far too few people
Understanding why
As a man sits in a cell
Waiting to die for a crime
He may or may not
Have actually commited
Not that the state cares
Sham of a trial 
Yes another one
As usual
Guilty and never allowed
To be proven innocent
With contradictions 
Forever adding fuel to the fire
The executioner drools 
Over his role as murderer for hire

Murder for hire
Yes that is what
The death penalty is
And always has been
State sanctioned murder
Hit men for hire
With a state signed pay check
Have we had enough yet

Verse 2
Yes murder for hire
State sanctioned murder

Lining the pockets 
Of those who get 
The convictions 
Even when it comes
To the innocent
Sickening isn't it
How little the state 
Actually cares if you did
Just as long as they 
Can make a profit
Off of your conviction
Wrongful or not
That's all they care about
The death penalty 
Is a black spot
In a system that doesn't work
America the time has come

To finally end the bullshit
End the madness
And get rid of it


Last I checked 
Ladies and gentlemen 
Thou shalt not kill 
Did not come with conditions
Time for us all to wake up
And do what's right
Death to the death penalty
No more state sanctioned
Murder for hire



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I dig this...and the idea behind it