Victims Of Our Own Tragedy

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We are all victims
Of our own pain
We are so vain
It's so insane
Living each day
In nothing but hate
Thinking we are
The only ones that matter
Selfish and greedy
Sickeningly needy
What has become
Of our dear society

Our greed
And insanity
Run deep
Into our souls
They do seep
As into our minds 
They slowly creep
We have become
Our own tragedy 

Verse 2
Living so selfish
In a world so tragic
That has all but lost
It's precious magick
Stuck in a hell
We brought 
On ourselves
We are the root
Of our own pain
But are too blind to see 
As we try to explain 
And blame it all away
Why do we live this way


Verse 3
Psychopaths ruling the day
Forever changing
The rules of the game
Controlling a blind society
Like puppets in a play
Always fighting

Never really helping
There is no one winning
We are losing 
Ourselves within
As the light of life
Does grow dim
Lost in a sea of sin
The end does begin


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