Fire, Ice, And A Society Not Right

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I see fire
I see ice
Fighting each other
For what they think is right
And caught in the middle
I see water
Trying to figure out
How shit got this far
Asking society 
Who the fuck
Do you think you are

Screwing the planet 
And each other
All in the hopes 
Of gaining nothing more

Than an illusion of power
Who the fuck do you
Think you are

Verse 2
Always fighting
And destroying 
All for fame
That doesn't mean
A fucking thing
Money and power
Dividing us more
And more by the hour
Wake up society 
Wake and see
The very power 
You think you own
Really owns you



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Low-key wish i new the tune

Low-key wish i new the tune so i could sing it for my youtube channel. This is great!