The Hypocrisy Of The Insanity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
This world
Makes my head hurt
We claim lives matter
But disagree
On their worth
Over Muslims
Women, children
It doesn't matter
If you are fleeing hell
You are not welcome here
Unless your christian
But remember
No this isn't a
Religion thing really 

The hypocrisy
Of the insanity
Of the evil one
Running the country
Is maddening
Nothing makes
Sense anymore
America is this really
What you voted for

Verse 2
The media in a frenzy
So hard to get 
The truth anywhere
He says one thing
They say another
The truth is 
In the middle I guess
I wish the truth up front

Someone anyone 
Would bother to tell
But no not that I expect

Anything short 
Of this hell
Hey this is what
We voted for, right?



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