Drown Out The Voice Of Tyranny

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Come one
Come all
Defy those
Who try to divide
Unite and join the fight
Against what
We all know is wrong

Stand up for what is right
Stand hand in hand
Stand as one
Show the hateful
That hate will not win
And has no place 
In this country anywhere
No sir not here

Come together
Brothers and sisters

Stand up and be heard
Drown out the 
Voices of tyranny
With love and freedom
Be the peace that is missing
Be what America should be
With liberty and justice
For everybody

Verse 2
Power to those
The people
Who don't like

The world they are seeing
Or what is happening
To their country
And against ithe insanity
Are in droves marching
The ones who are
Making a difference
By refusing
To stay quiet
By shouting out loud
Their support 
For their fellow man
No matter what religion
Or where they come from



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