A Call For Love And Peace

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The order came down
Feeling like
A nail in the coffin 
We wish we could say

It came out of nowhere
But let's be honest
We were waiting
For this one
A campaign promise
The evil one
Was hell bent on keeping
Clueless as to
What he is doing
He draws protests
Once again
Brushes them off
Stands his ground
Hatred now stands
But we will not
Stand for hate

Brothers and sisters
Strangers never
Met before
Standing together
For a cause
For our country
Different colors
And religions
Coming together
To protest as one
Now this is how
America is done

Verse 2 
The evil one
Standing for hate

And bigotry 
And standing by it

Oh so proudly
Making the world nervous
And pissing us off
Here at home
But we won't
Stand for it
Oh hell no
We won't
To the streets we go
To fight what we know

Is wrong and unethical
A call for love and peace
Is what we bring
While Power To The People
Is what we sing
America is uniting


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