Society, What Happened To Having Standards

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

I just want the world

To make sense again

It's been so long

Would I even realize it

If it did anymore

A new day begins

As the last one ended 

Lies within a 

Freak show of horror

We have become

Hate and violence

Terror and death

Oh so senseless
Another day
Another tragedy
The motives for which
We no longer
Even truly question
What have we become!
Oh God what have we done

Society used to have them
So what the fuck happened
To make us fall
This far so fast
Without even
Still not even
Giving a damn
Please tell me why
What the fuck
Happened to us

Verse 2
Republicans in 
A day dream living
Not a clue 
What they have 
Unleashed on us
Or that he will come back

To haunt them too
Violence and hatred
A world full
Of non sense 
Thank your friendly

And local media 
For that one
Worthless shit 
We eat like candy
Society is fed daily
To confuse
And use us
Why don't we give a fuck




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