A Poem For The New Year

2015 and 2016
Beat us down
Laughed at us
And kept going
Celebrities dying
Not to mention
The election
Oh dear god
Really America
President Trump

Oh help us all
Yes the last two years
Have been a clusterfuck
Inside of a shit storm
We barely know
Who we are anymore
But those two years
Yes the hell is coming
Finally to an end
2016 the devil year
Is ending 
And we have a choice to make
Go into 2017 expecting the worst
Or dive in head first
Ready to make the best
Of everyday
Come what may
I don't know about you
But I choose
Choice number two
Because I am 
Sick and fucking tired
Of so much negativity
All the time and everywhere
I mean seriously
Society, aren't you
So here is to a new
And better year
Because that is what
We will make it
Cheers and have a 
Happy New Years Eve 
And Happy New Year everybody


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Its good I like this.