Wake Up And Revolt

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

A global rebellion
Is what is beyond needed
Against a society
So broken
And shattered 
Beaten and battered
It no longer
Knows better

A world so torn
Leaving society
So forlorn
That it knows not
Humanity or what it is
To be human anymore 
Do you get it now
Or is the cold darkness
Of denial all you 
Live for

Wake up
There is work to

Be done

My friend
The world is broken
So what are you

Going to do about it

Bitch or work to fix it
Because bitching got us here
And no it won't get us out of it
So wake up
And do something about it 

Verse 2
Welcome to the revolution
One long time coming
One we better get right
Or our chances of a
Better world
A better tomorrow

Will vanish
Right out of sight
Faster than
You can blink
Yes please
My brothers and sisters
My fellow members of
A fed up society
Revolt, fight back
But please 

Do it right
So that maybe

Just maybe 

This time we may
Actually accomplish something



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the world can be split into 2 groups....the sleeping and the awake