Fuck The System

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Fuck the system
And watch it bleed 
As it takes
All it can 
From those in need
Never caring
In the least
About its fellow man
Does what it does
Just because
It fucking can
Then turns around 
And does it again
Hell with a plan
Backed by power
It knows it shouldn't have

The system looks at us
Sits back and laughs
Counts it's money
In the billions
While people are starving
To death on the street
They could help
But they won't
They don't care
Welcome to their heaven
And our nightmare

Verse 2
Fuck the system
And all it stands for
The corruption and lies
Leading to death
For far too many
Without us asking why
Or them even caring 
Who lives and dies
Expendable dollar signs
And a means to the
Power they seek
Is all we are to them
It's fucking disgusting 
Not to mention insulting
And it's all just getting worse
We really should do something


Verse 3
Yes fuck the system

And the horse
It rode in on
And wake up society
We let this happen
Following blindly
Those in power 
Without question
This power 
Is what we gave them
We created this hell
Then promptly lost control
Come on society
Get a clue
The system you think
You are using 
Is using and owning you
So wise up
Yes fuck the system




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Blackwingedbird's picture

So, you're for Trump then?

So, you're for Trump then?

LittleLennonGurl's picture

No and this applies to him

No and this applies to him just as much as anybody else.