Poor Me Society

Song Lyrics

Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to the
"Poor me" society
The society 
That claims to 
Want change
But spends its days
Looking for sympathy
While bitching
About how nothing
Ever changes
Without lifting a finger 
To change anything them self
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to hell

Verse 1
Yes welcome to the hell

We have created 
For ourselves
And blame
Everyone else for 
We bitch about it all
Then turn around
And come back for more
Without ever
Really knowing what for
Unable to leave
Our egos and selfishness
At the door
We dig ourselves
Into a rut again
While pointing our fingers
At each other
Blaming everyone else
For us being so fucked

Poor me, love me
Pay attention to me
Tell me I'm pretty
Do shit for me
Make my life easy
Change the world for me
I would help
Really I would
But why
That's someone elses job
Not one meant for me
Now give me sympathy
And do my bidding

Verse 2
Poor me we cry
As life gets a little rough
And we have to actually
Do shit for ourself
Welcome folks
To the age
Of entitlement
Spoiled brats
Running the planet
Destroying it
With a sigle fucking care
Running our species 
Into the ground
We have become
So overly sensitive and selfish
It's ridiculous
And nothing short of pathetic
Man up society
Stop your whining
And do something for once
While you still fucking can


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Did you ever read The Little

Did you ever read The Little Red Hen? It was among my favorite stories as a child, this is like that.