Trust The Government?

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The Government
Is at it again
Trying to rape

Sacred land

All for a pipeline

And the money
It will bring
Such disrespect
In the name of greed
It sickens me
What is happening

To my dear country? 
Are we honestly
Not better than this yet
Seriously what the fuck
Is wrong with us

Native history
Is American history
Yet it's history
We don't respect
Fuck 'em and

Forget 'em
That's the governments way
Always has been

But hey
Thus is
The American way

Verse 2 
The government
Says trust them 
They know

What is good for us
As they constantly

Screw all of us

Native Americans
Land raping
Promises breaking
Enough is
Enough already
It's time we stand up
To the government

Beyond corrupt



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Let us all standup! Protect the waters don't muck it up.

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