Halloween And Magick In The Air


Magick in the air
Full moon
A super moon
No less
Lighting up

A beautiful
And peaceful
October night
Halloween is coming
I can feel it's magick
Surrounding me already
And I don't know
About you
But I am so ready
For it to be here
Witches and goblins
Ghosts and the like
Running freely
On Halloween night
Worry not though

For it is all in fun
And you'll be smiling

As you scream in fright
By time the night is done
From trick or treats
And familiar spirits
Coming home
Once again
Just to say hello
If your not 
Having fun
You're doing it wrong

So lighten up
And get into
The spirit
Of the greatest
Holiday there is
Get dressed up
And live it up
You've waited all year
For this night to come
Don't let it go to waste
Let your soul play

And soak in the magick
On this brilliant night
Of the one and only


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'Don't let it go to waste,

'Don't let it go to waste, Let your soul play' Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I shall certainly be playing this year. Keep Writing!