Johnny (A Tribute To John Lennon)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Johnny had a dream
That he grow up to be
The greatest man
The world ever did see
One who stood for love
For unity and peace
A star with a purpose
Yes a symbol
For all that was good

And in the silence
You can hear him
Whispering his

Words of wisdom
All you need is love
Yes love is all you need

Verse 2

And when he grew
His dream came true
A true rockstar hero
Not afraid to speak his mind
A true one of a kind
He stood for love

He stood for peace
He stood for you
And stood for me
The entire world

He stood for everybody


Oh no
Johnny why
Did you have to go
The world still needs a hero
You were one of a kind
With a loving soul
A real true honest hero
Oh why did you

Have to go


Verse 4
But Johnny could not be silenced
For wherever there is violence

He will be there
In the shadows

Whispering to us

As the wind does blow
His eternal words of wisdom
All you need is love 
Yes love is all you need


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