Are You tired Yet

Are you as tired
As I am
Of the tyranny
Of those
Telling us who to be
Selling us shit 
Through fear

Forcing on us 
In society
Nothing short

Of conformity
As freedom
Beating us down
Keeping us afraid
While insisting 
It's all for 
Our own protection
Lying to us
To justify
Illegal wars
And bullshit
We worry about
For all of a week 
Then forget about

And move on 
To the next 
Horrible thing
They can use
To distract you with
While avoiding

The problem
All together
Children dying 
Hungry and 
From common illness
In countries
All over the planet
While war vets
Are living homeless
And forgotten
On our very streets
Yet we insist

On staying
Asleep and blind
Instead of

Waking up
And no longer
Living blind
Are you as tired
Of this bullshit

As I am
Well are you
Good, you should be
Now get up 
Off your ass
Go out and try
To help change things
Even if only through
One little random act
Of kindness
At a time
Believe me

That shit 
Really does 
Add up


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  You took the words out of

  You took the words out of my mouth.