The Current State Of Things


The world 
And the current

State of things 
Are driving me crazy
Another day
Another tragedy
We would care
About this one
But what's the point

We are already
Over it and waiting

For the one
That will come tomorrow
One we will also
Only pretend to
Care about

While bracing
For that shit

To happen again
And it will
Because we
Won't stand up
And do the right thing

About it
Never have
And most likely 
Never will
So all we do is
Just fight about it
Day after day

For years
While forgetting

Those that
Because of it
Are no longer here
Nameless statistics
Those who were
Once loved
Have been 
Reduced to
By a society

That lets face it

Never had a clue
Always bitching
How nothing 
For the better
Is ever changing
And that no one
Seems to care
Enough to do
While failing to see

That there is nothing
Stopping them
From being that change
On whatever level
They got
They could still
Be doing something

But they don't
Because they 

Are too lazy
Much too content with
Their own bitching routine
And entitled as fuck
To their own energy
Waste trying
To fight
For a better day 

Like I said
The world
And the current

State of things
Are driving me crazy
There is so much chaos
That clearly
We can rarely see
While true love itself

We know how to feel
No longer 

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Is a disease.Love overcomes and begins with us, changing our own arritudes, making a difference everywhere we go,in spite of our surroundings.

interesting prose

bless you,Koko~

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....