Welcome To The Fall

Welcome to the fall
The final curtain call
The last ditch effort
Made by a society
That finally
How much
It's screwed
Played life
Like it was nothing

More than a game
Knew better
But did it anyway
War after war

And the reasons for
Nothing more
Than lies
Shoved down
Our throats
That were shams
In favor
Of the obviously
Wrong candidate
The one we
Never bothered
To take seriously
Until it was
Too late

And sealed
Was our fate
There will be

No Armagedden

No day of judgement
No happy ending
In any religion
Which also played

A major part
In our downfall
Killing in the name
Of whatever 
Version of God
We were convinced exsists
Our own hatred did this
We brought this
On ourselves
And now we must pay
It didn't have to
Be this way 

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