The Plight Of The Writer

I wake in a daze
Dying to write
Just to feel

Like me today
Only to be met
At every turn
By every reason
That I can't
Pencil and paper

My hand shakes
Fuck it I'm better
At typing anyway
Computer fucks up
Internet is down
And cut off
Left to inspire myself
Through the anger

Screaming within me
But not a clue
What topic
To channel

It through
Soul screaming to

Be heard

But with no
Way to speak of
I get to know me
Once again
And in doing so
Become even more
To be heard

But by who
And how
Manson screaming

In my ears
And gracing
My tv screen
I snap out of it
Fuck it
I'll make it work
The artist
Within me

May not tonight

Be free
But it will
Find a way
To keep fighting

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Thanks for the encouragement, writer...

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