Are You Proud Society?

Tell me society
Do you love

Who you are

Who you have become 
How far you have fallen
Claiming to live
For a god
Who is supposed to be
All forgiving
Yet spreading his words
You have twisted

In hate and ignorance
To suite your own
Agendas and desires
Playing the false prophit
While making money
Off of it
While claiming
Those who call you out

On the bullshit you pull
Are nothing more
Than heretics
A disease 
The world must 
Be rid of
When you 
Are doing more harm
In the name of the one
Who is supposed to save us
Than we are 
Not believing

Or thinking
Like you

Tell me society
Are you really proud

Of this shit
That you do

Is there humility
And humanity
Left even
Anywhere in you
Or anywhere 
Even fucking

Near you
Are you proud of you

My dear society
Honeslty are you
Are you proud
That because of

Your idiocy
Yes because of
The madness you started
We are all
Beyond fucking screwed
And will you 
Still be proud
When it comes
To the point
That the world
Because of you
Will be dying

And given days 
Left to exist

And you finally realize
That because of your
There is nothing left
That you can do
The world is ending
And it will end you too
And when it does
Will you still be proud
Tell me motherfuckers 

In society
Well, will you?

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