In God WeTrust?

Dear God
When it comes

To your hell
Compared to the one
Society has created
For itself
I must say
I'm not impressed
See God
You don't scare me
But the society
You have created
And clearly care
Nothing about does
You care nothing
For us
And we don't even
Respect ourselves
In this hell
We have created together
By way of your followers
Hating and killing
In your name
Twisting and 
Your words
On purpose
To fit the only agenda
That to them even matters
Their own 
War after war
Millions and millions dead
In the name of someones 
Version of you
Time after time

Leaving us all
Nothing short of screwed
Dear God 
If there was ever a time
That was screaming for you
To step in
This would be it
You say you care
Then prove it
Do something 
For once
And stop this madness
Not that it would 
Probably help
All that much

At this point

For I fear
Society, we have
Already fallen
Too damn far
Yes beyond the point

Of no return
And this cluster fuck
Of a world 

In which we live
Is nothing more
Than the hell 
We deserve
Brought on 
And by a God 

Who couldn't 
Even be bothered 
To step in
When he knew

He should


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i_fell_on_deaths_wings's picture

finally another who thinks like i do

I absolutely love this poem. I personally hate religion in every form and see more evil brought on by it than good. It's the downfall of society. I've written some poems with  similar views, though a lttle more violent, but I'm just impressed that there's another one out there taking a stand against the evils of religion...  THANK YOU! And keep it up...

LittleLennonGurl's picture

Thank you!!

Thank you!! I love this one. I think its one of favorite ones I have written. Not a lot of people think this way and I swear that's problem. It's nice to hear feedback from someone who thinks like I do. Thank you, you just made my day.