Christian Extremists Killed God


We killed god today
Yes we killed him
For a profit
And our own benefit
Oh what a day
We killed him 
In his name
Celebrated our
Then instantly 
Started pointing fingers
And placing blame 
Twisting the words
Of the bible 
To make them 
Work for us
And the blind hatred
We love to live
Selling god with hate
The devils game 
One Christian extremists
Like to play
Each and every
Fucking day
While selling us
The lie
That our acceptance

Of others 
Instead of hatred

For those
They deem wrong
Just because
Something about them
Makes them uncomfortable 
Is what is truly evil
And that somehow
Even though

The bible says
Love they neighbor
What we really
Should be doing 
Is hating those
You say we should
Because apparently
You know better
Than the god

You claim
To be selling 

I have had it society
I have had it
With this shit
And if you have too
Then stand up
Be heard
And do something

About it
Because I am sick
Of these people winning

Just because 
Of our silence

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i_fell_on_deaths_wings's picture

another fine piece

I liked this one as well. It really makes the hypocrisy of religion stand out. Love thy neighbor.... But only if they are Christian....

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when it get weird

It get weird

Out there

A long way from home

Somebody gonna say

I never left

When Home start calling

You almost like it


Word like Word